Author: Joy Hardy

Sharing Our Creative Journeys

Recent Zoom Sessions have been spent relating how we have developed our creative talents, and what and how we now enjoy painting. We had an interesting contribution from Janet who described how her work had metamorphosed from black and white photography through precise, detailed watercolour paintings to her current softer, more spontaneous style, experimenting with… Read more »

More Young Talent

Several members of the group have artistic talent in their family; Sandy’s granddaughter, Rebecca is studying art at West of Scotland University. Collieston is one of her favourite places and here is her painting of the village entitled Collieston at Low Tide.

The Van Gogh Irises Project and Flowers in Art

In our latest Zoom Art Session we focused on flowers. During Lockdown some group members have been reconstructing Van Gogh’s Irises painting, each doing a section. There was a discussion about how we should piece it together, virtually or otherwise. We are looking forward to piecing the whole painting together at some point and seeing… Read more »


Since the New Year we have been meeting virtually and enjoying sharing some art stories. Here are some of the contributions from our last meeting, where we were discussing animals in art. Joy One of my favourite contemporary artists is “local” artist, Peter Goodfellow. Originally from the north east of England, he studied art in… Read more »

Neil Simone

Neil Simone was born in London, but was captivated by the Yorkshire Dales and has lived and painted there for many years. He is entirely self taught and produces work of great imagination. Although originally inspired by the scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, his paintings encompass a huge range of subjects, using many different techniques…. Read more »


 Southwold Gallery, Suffolk This painting in water colour and acrylic depicts the windswept marshes at Walberswick, near to the sea side town of Southwold. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the marshes were drained and used as farmland, they were flooded during the 2nd world war to act as invasion defences and in the 40’s… Read more »


As we approach the end of January, we are all looking forward to longer days, more energy-giving daylight, and hoping for a return to that much longed for social side of our lives. The wait is beginning to seem endless. A symbol of that awakening, so much more significant this year, is peeking through the… Read more »


Who would have imagined when art sessions resumed last January that we would be spending all our creative time at home. Painting doesn’t instantly spring to mind when you think of sociable activities, but it is amazing how much support, encouragement and inspiration we derive from our group sessions. We have all missed that, and… Read more »