Summer Break

The six weeks of mixed summer weather have given us inspiration for our autumn projects. Some of us met up in Aden park during that time and though no-one sketched or painted, it was an enjoyable social time in a lovely setting.

Here’s one done earlier! Aden Park in Autumn

On a second outing, some members met to appreciate the wealth of art on offer in the beautiful setting of Aberdeen Art Gallery. One member was inspired to write the following verses about the trip:-

Impressions of Aberdeen Art Gallery by Barbara Cork

You’ll find pottery glass and textiles,
Each in its own different style
As well as a wide range of paintings,
Some poignant, some make you smile.

These paintings by great masters,
Created, designed to last,
Are an insight into our history,
Informing us of our past.

Portraits of high and mighty,
Men in flamboyant dress,
Standing tall, looking austere
In paintings designed to impress.

Victoria and Albert resplendent
Look down on their subjects below,
There’s a family group at a baptism
And folk flooded, with nowhere to go.

James McBey, inspired by the coast
Of Newburgh from whence he came,
Travelled afar to the Middle East
To develop his skill and fame.

There’s also the age of empowerment,
Women’s skills at long last accepted,
No longer named as ‘anonymous’
But recognised, valued, respected.

There are different aspects of Aberdeen
And the work force’s daily toil
In Aberdeen’s three renowned industries
Of granite, fishing and oil.

There is stormy weather in Iona,
Bright painted boats out at sea,
Tranquillity at Ailsa Craig,
I know where I’d rather be.

There is abstract art, not desired by all,
With its blobs of colour and lines,
That some find bizarre and non-sensical
While others see marvellous designs.

There are so many wonderful works to see
Of which you will never tire.
Whatever your taste in art work,
You’ll find something there to inspire.