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  • Christ of St John of the Cross

    The contributor of this post says that they find this to be a powerful image which draws the eye and the soul into it’s depths. By far the most popular of all Dali’s religious works is without a doubt his ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross’, whose figure dominates the Bay of Port Lligat. The […]

  • John Singer Sargent

    John Singer Sargent was an American artist born in Florence, Italy in 1856. He studied in Italy and France and was considered the leading portrait painter of his generation. He produced around 900 Oils and 2,000 Watercolours. This portrait, painted in 1902, is of John Fyfe, a prominent North East Granite Merchant and Quarry Man. […]

  • Tom Thomson

    Tom Thomson – the Ontario Group of Seven Tom Thomson was one of Canada’s most influential painters of the 20th-century. Born in 1877, he came from a farming family and worked as a pen artist for engraving companies before he started painting at the age of 25.  Tom was inspired by the wild landscapes and […]

  • Jeune filles au piano

    Jeune filles au piano – Young Girls at the Piano – 1892 – Renoir Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1841 – 1919 was a French artist and a leading painter in the development of the impressionist style. At the age of 21 he began studying art formally. He had his first success with “ Lise with a Parasol […]

  • Potholes

    Artist Jimmy Lawlor has been highlighted by one group member, who comments that has a delightfully whimsical take on life and lovely sense of humour as portrayed in his paintings

  • Portrait of a Hero

    John Innes from Foveran, was coxswain of the Newburgh life boat from 1908 -1931. On the night of October 15th 1923 the trawler, Imperial Prince, ran aground off Black Dog north of Aberdeen, and the Newburgh Lifeboat made two unsuccessful attempts to rescue the crew. When the crew of a cruiser in Aberdeen harbour volunteered […]

  • Local Inspiration

    I would like to kick off our Art on the Web Posts with an appreciation of a renowned and well loved local artist – no, not Barrie! James McBey was born in Newburgh (some say Foveran, some Aberdeen), in 1883. Initially self taught, learning to etch from a book, he later attended classes at Gray’s […]

  • Art on the Web

    As with everything else at the moment we have had to suspend our meetings. And, while that means no more perusing each others efforts and generally chewing the fat, artistic or otherwise, over coffee, happily, it doesn’t mean we won’t be beavering away with our projects. We aim to keep everyone motivated with regular posts […]