The Van Gogh Irises Project and Flowers in Art

In our latest Zoom Art Session we focused on flowers. During Lockdown some group members have been reconstructing Van Gogh’s Irises painting, each doing a section. There was a discussion about how we should piece it together, virtually or otherwise. We are looking forward to piecing the whole painting together at some point and seeing how our styles and interpretations vary.

A section of the Irises project

Several people showed and talked about flower paintings; their own work or favourites by other artists. Hilary introduced us to some work by Margaret Drummond, a self taught Scottish artist who does beautiful floral paintings, often using rags or her fingers. The discussion then moved on to art suppliers; which were the best, and where we might obtain discount for group members. We also chatted about what sort of canvases we used and ways of preparing them. We learned a lot from the session, and hope we can continue coming up with informative topics, as well, of course, as just catching up socially. We are looking forward to the next session, hosted by Barrie, where we will chat about how we have developed our artistic skills.

Examples of work by Margaret Drummond